Dippin’ in the travel stash

I like stashes.  I like keeping stashes.  Sometimes I purposely stash shit in places I know I’ll forget about only so I can stumble upon it again one day and surprise myself.

So what DO I stash…ha…chocolate, pharms, clove cigarettes, mementos from special occasions.  Oh yeah…foreign currency.

Today’s capture of the day is just me diggin thru a bunch of left over money from places I’ve visited trying to scrape up enough Thai Baht for a taxi from the airport to my hotel when I land in Bangkok.  And maybe enough Korean Won for a Starbucks when I transfer in Seoul.  Since I’m considering a side trip over to Cambodia it wouldn’t hurt to grab some Riel outta the stash either, huh?  Although USD is always the preferred method of payment in Cambodia.

On to digging…

The Corridors of Angkor Wat :: Siem Reap Cambodia


In early 2012 I had the opportunity to visit Cambodia.  I went with the objective to make it to the Angkor Wat ruins and capture their magnificent presence.  When I reached the archaeological park I realized that it was INDEED a park of sorts.  It was huge….and old and really just larger than life.  Ideally one could carve out 3 days to cover all ground in detail.  I was sorry I only had about 6 hours.

I made the best of my time and visited some beautiful temples and palaces.  The stones of these structures have remained dense regardless that they’ve been around since the 9th century.   The beauty of Angkor lies in it’s eerie elegance.  Temple after temple decorated in high and low relief portrayals of Hindu and Buddhist deities.  It’s surreal to walk amongst some of these structures.  One can’t help but wonder what transpired among the corridors of these ancient ruins.