Technical Rambling


In my last post I was talking about what to pack for the trip.  There’s clothing and basics and then there’s technical stuff.  The technical stuff is perhaps the toughest part since a lot of stuff is fragile, valuable or both.  I don’t want to over pack and bring gear that I’m not going to use but then again I’d sure hate to be left in a situation where I’m damning myself for leaving behind a roll of special effects film for the ONE time I’m out in the bush and I feel like shooting color infrared.

Bringing the Bronica is a no-brainer.  But what to load it with?  I only have one back as of today although I may pick up another before I leave if I can find one at a decent price and that can get here in 6 days.

So here’s my arsenal of film, 2 rolls of Black and White Ilford XP2, 3 rolls of Fuji Velvia 50 for some really vivid max saturation work.  One roll of Lomo Purple which is supposed to mimic color infrared film.  On order… 3 rolls of Black and White Ilford HP5