Post production is a breeze. So how about printing?

I’m 6 days out from my first solo show and have made it through the post production phase of the project.  If there’s one thing in my arsenal of tools I know that I can do well, it’s work in post production.  Between Photoshop, Capture One, and my trusty Macbook Pro I was able to nail down 12 finished images in approximately 24 hours.  I spent 4 days at the internet cafe in Maya (the mall here) in 6 hour shifts drinking iced coffees and eating pad-gra-pow-gai and noodle soup all the while.  Maya is a great place to get work done.  It’s set up to be a work space so you have really fast wi-fi and everyone there is working on their own projects.  A lot of artists too.  They have huge collaboration tables where you can lay out your work and discuss with your group if you need to.  Open 24 hours. What more could you ask for?

So now that post is done it comes down to the biggest bottleneck in every photographers workflow; Printing.  It’s the ONE thing that everyone seems to struggle with. You spend countless hours on your images getting the colors right only to run a job and find that all those colors have been wiped out mysteriously by the printer.  I spent years at home trying to get this right and was only able to nail it down when I purchased my own printing setup and calibration tools.

Coming here to produce a body of work from start to finish had me a bit on the uneasy side.  I had researched high end print labs before coming and was not coming up with a whole lot of choices.  Regardless, this is Thailand and as culture has it, when you don’t get exactly what you want you work with what you have.  Fortunately for me I live in a place that has just the right accessories to help me complete the project and work around any shortcomings of the print labs.    Actually the print labs are probably just fine.  I just get really picky about this last stage of work.  This is where I sign my name and well, if you’re an artist, thats pretty much all you have.