What goes into writing my statement and descriptions

830 pm Monfai pow wow

Piecing together a body of work from concept to show in 26 days is no easy feat.  I cannot possibly put into words how helpful it is to have the right people for the job helping out along the way with all the details.  Now that the work is completed and the files have been sent off to the printer I have begun putting together my statement and descriptions of each piece.  Below is my timeline for yesterday (Saturday).

9:00am  Wake up and get dressed.  Dev and I have a 10am “leave-the-house” time set in order to pic up breakfast to bring to his friend Mike’s home who we are meeting for a last minute critique

10:00am  We leave Monfai and ride a bit out of town under the hot morning Thai sun to a bakery.  We get rosemary bread, carrot cakes, and croissants.  We ride out to Mike’s house.

10:30am We arrive at Mike’s house, indulge in breakfast, and talk art.  Mike is an art professor from London who has made a home here in Chiang Mai for some time.  His house is custom, made of concrete, and is an artists dream.  I’m instantly inspired.  Mike looks at my work, offers some input in display options.  We start talking about time and quantum physics.  He brings out a book which is of particular interest to me.  There’s gold in there which I will mull over for the rest of the day.  This will ultimately help me articulate my statement.

12:30am  We leave and I go to CAMP at Maya to finish making some final edits to the images I have before I send them off to print.  I also do some client work while I’m there.  In some odd way it aleviates some of the pressure I’m starting to feel about my first solo show.

6:00pm I return to Monfai to get dressed for an event being given.  It’s proper etiquette and expected of you to dress appropriately (Lanna Style) when you attend events.  This event will feature professional dancers who attended a university devoted to teaching dance.  They will be able to help me with writing descriptions for each of my images because they know the names and the philosophical meanings of each posture.

8:30pm  The dancers finish performing and are ready to meet with me.  They don’t speak English.  My Thai is conversational and NOT academic.  I enlist the help of a dear friend I’ve made at Monfai to help me with translation.  She is absolutely wonderful to work with and gives me all the information I need.

9:00pm My meeting is finished.  I’m exhausted.  The party at Monfai is still in full swing.  I join Dev at the bar and do two shots of Yaa Dong which is a mixture of herbs and rice whiskey.  I make a Monfai cocktail which is Yaa Dong mixed with something else.  I don’t know what I’m mixing it with.  I just drink it.  Ahhhhhhh

10:00pm  Join the rest of the crew back at Baan Chang (Elephant House) for some live music and some Chang beer and Laap

11:00pm Return back to my room and proceed to put my notes together (in English and Thai) into more structured notes for Dev to look at and edit for me.

11:30pm I get a text message about a private art related event going on at a gallery I was at before.  Fantastic…another opportunity to publicize my show.  I graciously accept and head out on the bike.  The air is dense and cool.  It feels good to be in the wind.

12:45am I’m done and head back home to crash.  I literally pass out as soon as I hit the bed.  I have a weird dream that my girl adopted a cat and my sister aided in the conspiracy.   It wakes me up at 3am.  I chalk it up to too much Yaa Dong and go back to sleep.

And that’s how I got my statement and descriptions.