It’s show time; Thanks to the fortune teller


My first international exhibit has come and gone.  The days that led up to this were a whirlwind of activities and the day of the show was no exception.  The turnout was fantastic.  To begin with I was welcomed to my own show by a photographer from the local newspaper.  He had caught wind of the exhibit and came to grab some images for use in publicizing the events of the week.  It was such a nice surprise to see my show making his list of places to be.

So many of the friends I had met during my stay came out to see me last night.  There were times where I had to pause and just be present in the moment because the flutter of activity became overwhelming a few times.  I’ve been part of group exhibits before but this was different.  This was a solo exhibit and everyone who was there was thee to see me.  I keep saying this because in so many ways it’s overwhelming to me.  personally speaking as an artist, I tend to be my own worst critic.  When I see my work I first and always notice it’s faults.  Then I think of ways I can mentally smooth those over so that I begin to see the merit.  The reality is that none of your observers notice this.  They don’t know what went into producing the images.  They simply view your work at face value.

One final personal item before i post the images from the evening.  In an effort to “become” the culture of the work that I was producing, I made every attempt to live my life as a Thai person while staying in Chiang Mai.  I attended events at the cultural center, I dressed in traditional Thai attire, I spoke the language, and I even visited a fortune teller to determine what the best date would be for having my exhibit.  It came as no surprise to me when we determined August 26th to be the best date for the show as this is the date of my late mothers birth.  Indeed this was a special day.