Lucid Dream #3-A…I wake up in my dream and I’m…

A lucid dream is defined as waking up inside your dream and realizing that you are dreaming.   In order to leverage the lucid dream care must be taken to not become overly-excited in this delicate state and wake yourself from dreaming completely.  The benefit of lucid dreaming is to to be able to control the dream.  Instead of letting the dream unfold as it does in a normal dream state, through concentrated mental focus,  you can create your own outcomes to sets of circumstances even if they defy all odds and physics in the physical state.  This creates new neural connections and paves the road for realization of realities we once thought were only dreams….

During recurring dream #3 I was in terminal 5 with a blank ticket.  I woke up during this dream and found myself hurdling though space-time riding the most beautiful synth-cords I’ve ever known.  They placed a slight massaging pressure on the back of my head that dispelled fear and wrapped me in an envelope of warmth.  As the rhythmic pulsing of the synths continued up and down the audible spectrum, feelings of familiarity danced in the back of my head.  I tried to draw them forward to decipher and identify them but I couldn’t.  They existed as sounds alone and the sounds alone conveyed the feeling.

The beauty of lucid dreaming is being in control.  When you want to hit the eject button you can simply raise your energy level to wake yourself up.  When you want to be somewhere it’s as simple as visualization.  If you want to go back into the dream state, simply let go of controlling the dream and simply let it unfold.

I had enough of riding the space-time continuum and decided to let go and fall back into the dream state.  When I re-entered the dream state and let it unfold, I was quite pleased with where the roller coaster let me off.

Sometimes you don’t need to steer the ship, just go along for the ride.