Baan Thai Village :: Chiang Mai Thailand




On my first trip to Thailand I felt it was really important to try and get as much of a feel for all of the country in one trip.  After getting over jet-lag and acclimatizing  in Bangkok  for a few days I felt the need to venture out of the big city and out to somewhere less crowded.  I headed north to Chiang Mai.

Now Chiang Mai is not rural by any means however, it is a completely different environment than Bangkok.  It’s easy-going, quaint, and I found the locals very laid back.  The climate was wonderful being about 10-15 degrees cooler in temperature.  It felt easy to just meander the streets with my camera taking in all the touristy stuff and every so often feeling brave enough to test my newly learned phrases.  I stayed at a place called Baan Thai Village which in English translates to Thai House.  The design and decor was built to give the look and feel of a traditional Thai house in the northern region.  One night out in the courtyard before venturing out for the evening, I sat by the pool and captured the wonderfully intimate environment.